The sun has come out, the days are warm, and you're likely breaking out your shorts, skirts, sandals, swimsuits, and other fun summer clothes, leaving more room on your skin for accessories. This presents a great opportunity to pick up and show off unique pieces of jewelry than can set you apart from the crowd and reflect fun summer attitudes. But be careful of overdoing it--just because you're showing more skin doesn't mean it all needs to be covered in jewels; a few tasteful pieces can make a stylish statement and give you a unique summer look. Read on to find guidelines and trends for great summer jewelry pieces.

Wear Jewelry in Unique Places

Summer weather allows you to uncover places like your toes, legs, and upper arms where you can tastefully accessorize. If you're wearing sandals, a toe ring is a great way to add bling to your ensemble. If you're wearing shorts or a skirt, an anklet is a good way to bring some flair while still getting sun on your legs. And if you're feeling particularly bold, an upper-arm cuff or bracelet will turn heads with a tank top, cap sleeves, or sleeveless blouse. Wearing jewelry in new places is a great way to take advantage of the summer sun while keeping your look fresh and stylish.

Wear Pieces with a Summer Theme

Summer is a time of bright light and bright, vibrant colors. Look for pieces that have brightly colored stones that are opaque or translucent for great shimmer and shine--citrine stones are especially sunny. Wearing pieces that have many stones together can add to the bling factor--try pieces with clusters of jewels or torsades that have a mix of different colors. 

Summer is also a time to be spent in water and on the beach; aquatic and nautical jewelry can reflect this summer theme in an original way. Look for pieces that have natural parts of the ocean, like sea shells and pearls, incorporated into them. Wear jewelry that depicts sharks, dolphins, starfish, anchors, seahorses, etc., and uses nautical stripes, colors, and textures. Wearing jewelry with a summer theme is a great way to show a carefree, sunny summer attitude.

Wear What's Trending

If you really want to look fashionable this summer, the last thing you'll want to do is wear pieces that have recently gone out of style--be sure to keep up with the quickly changing trends in fashion. According to In Style, the trend for this summer is many smaller accessories: wear ear cuffs that make it look like you have extra ear piercings, one or several thin arm cuffs for some dazzle on your lower arms, and multiple midi rings (a ring that rests between the sections of your finger). Other summer trends include headbands, industrial materials and textures, and collarbone necklaces.

Wear Sunny Metals

Metals can do as much to reflect the mood of a season as colors or themes--mattes, some silvers, and other dark metals can change the look of an otherwise sunny, fun outfit. Yellow gold is the most obvious choice for a summer metal; it's warm, bright, and has a yellowy reflective shimmer. Rose gold, a gold mixed with extra copper to give it a pinkish hue, is another trendy choice. Plated white gold and platinum can also be more subtle and understated choices for summer metals.

The summer season is a great opportunity to change up your accessories and wear bright jewelry without looking overly flashy. You can even make a bold statement by wearing some pieces while swimming or at the beach. As the season warms up, talk to a specialist at your favorite jewelry store to find the pieces that will work best for you.