Jewelry is a special gift that most people reserve to give to those they love. But shopping for a unique piece that sends exactly the right message to your loved one can be very difficult, especially if you shopping in stores that primarily offer mass produced rings, bracelets and necklaces. If you are currently searching for a truly special piece of jewelry and becoming frustrated with department store and chain jewelry store offerings, it may be time to consider uniquely beautiful Native American jewelry, instead.

Reason One: Native American Jewelry is Never Generic

Unlike modern jewelry made from stones such as diamonds, sapphires and emeralds that are carefully cut to shape, polished and graded for perfection, Native American jewelry incorporates the raw stone with minimal shaping and finishing. This allows the natural beauty of each stone to enhance and influence the shape of the final design, making each piece different from the others.  

Reason Two: Native American Jewelry Conveys Special Meaning

Native American jewelry has historically been made using stones and materials that held special meaning for individual tribes and was thought to bring good fortune to those who wore it.

A good example of this is the way that turquoise was valued and utilized by different tribes. Most people today are most familiar with blue turquoise. Historically, however, the Zuni Indian tribe used both blue and green turquoise for jewelry making and carving small animals and other objects that were known as fetishes. They believed that these fetishes held supernatural powers and often used blue turquoise to represent the sky or the male and green turquoise for the earth or female.

The Pueblo Indians also used turquoise extensively in the jewelry and decorations. They felt that turquoise derived its color from the sky and that wearing it or using it to decorate their idols would bring good fortune to their tribe.

Reason Three: Native American Jewelry Showcases Metalworking Skills

Although many other metals were also used in some tribes, the beauty and craftsmanship exhibited in the use of silver is legendary. Especially skillful as silversmiths were the Navajo Indian tribe who created intricately beautiful designs with primitive tools and passed these skills down through the generations.

In many instances, exquisitely designed and crafted silver settings were created to hold stones that were believed to help heal an illness, give warriors greater strength or create a more harmonious life for the tribe in times of trouble.

Reason Four: Native American Jewelry Gives Back to the Tribes

Another reason to consider purchasing a unique piece of Native American jewelry for a loved one is because it can be a way to give something back to the tribes who create it. Crafting Native American jewelry is a labor of love for many tribes today and the sale of this jewelry helps to provide income and opportunities for the tribes that might otherwise not be easily available to them. In addition, a decision to purchase Native American jewelry online or in person helps to educate other cultures about Native American artistry, traditions and history.

Reason Five: Native American Jewelry Offers Lasting Value

Unlike some types of mass produced or fad jewelry, handcrafted Native American jewelry is a true work of art, often representing hundreds of hours of labor. The intricate detailing often portrays a story about the tribe it represents. Because it is handcrafted, it is often valued as a work of art, rather than just basing the value of the piece on the current market value of the precious metals and stones it contains, allowing it to retain and build value over generations of ownership.

For more information about purchasing Native American jewelry, contact a reputable online dealer, such as Sunface Traders. They will be able to answer your questions and help you choose just the right piece for both your loved one and your budget.