If your little girl is too little for pierced ears, but she wants to wear earrings when she plays dress-up, there is a way to give her some earrings she can play with and wear whenever she likes. Clip-on earrings are frequently large and bulky because older ladies wear them, but you can convert pierced earrings to clip-ons rather easily. It takes a little crafting skill, but you may find it quite fun, and your daughter will get to wear lots of pretty earrings without the pain and the piercing mess. Here is how to convert pierced post earrings to clip-ons for your little girl to wear.

Step One: Select the Earrings Your Girl Likes

This works with almost all post (pierced) earrings, so your daughter can pick out whatever earrings she likes best. Purchase these earrings and hold onto them for the next step. Try to avoid really dangly ones, as that may get complicated; you will see why.

Step Two: Go to a Craft Store and Buy Clip-on Earring Backs, a Wire Snips, and Earring Glue

Next, go to a craft store that sells jewelry making supplies. Buy clip-on earring backs, a wire snips, and earring glue or hot-melt glue. If you do not have a hot-melt glue gun, get one of those too. These are the supplies you will need to convert the earrings.

Step Three: Take the Post Earrings and Cut off the Posts

Working with one set of earrings at a time, take the backs off and set the backs aside. Then use the wire snips and cut the posts off as close to the backs of the earrings as you can. Try to leave as little of a stub of a post as you can.

Step Four: Take the Clip-on Backs and Adhere the Earring Fronts to the Clip-ons

Now, apply a little of the adhesive or hot-melt glue to the backs of the two earrings whose posts you just cut off. Before the glue dries or cools, take two clip-on earring backs and press them onto the glued pieces. The clip-on sections or thumb-screw posts should be directly behind the areas that were just stuck in the glue. Let the glue dry or cool and harden. Test the earrings by clipping them onto your own ears. The clip-on parts should be behind your ear lobes, while the decorative parts should be on the fronts of your ear lobes.