Have you and your wife been married fifty years? If so, there are probably many people who would love to know the secret to your long marriage. In reality, there have probably been ups and downs during those fifty years, right? But the fact that you are having a celebration to commemorate fifty years of married life together is a tribute to both of you. From planning a special event for your wife to buying her an anniversary ring, here are some ideas that might help you.

Planning A Special Event

Consider your wife's personality, the things she loves to do. For example, if she is a social butterfly, she would more than likely love it if you, or you and your children, planned an anniversary party so that your friends and extended family members could celebrate the occasion with you. If that's the case, consider making her part of the plan so that you'll get it right. If your wife loves to travel and isn't crazy about crowds, consider taking her on a trip, perhaps a cruise or an extended weekend right in the United States. If the trip will be in the fall, consider taking her to an area where she can see the colors that autumn brings to the wilderness.

Buying A Special Ring

If your wife is a sentimental person, there's probably no way in the world that she will want to replace the wedding ring and the engagement ring that you gave her when you got married, even if the engagement ring has a tiny diamond chip and even if the wedding band is very simple. However, your wife can still wear another ring, either on the left hand or on the right hand. Do you have children? If so, consider buying her an anniversary ring that includes the birthstone that represents each of your children's birth months. Another idea is to buy an anniversary ring that has a diamond as the focal point of the ring and your wife's birthstone as part of the design. Or, maybe your wife would love a single pearl with stones surrounding it. Those stones could include diamonds or other types of gem stones. If you want something very unique, a skilled jeweler can design a one-of-a-kind anniversary ring for your wife. Think of helping with the design so that you can tell your wife you contributed to the overall design.