Skulls have traditionally been featured in masculine jewelry. As more and more women express an interest in wearing jewelry items with a skull motif, feminine options are becoming more common. It can be challenging to pick out a skull ring for your girlfriend.

Use these tips to help ensure you end up with a ring that you both will enjoy for years to come.

1. Verify the Silver Type

Silver skull rings can be made using many different types of silver. Each type of silver can offer unique benefits and drawbacks that must be factored into your decision when selecting a new skull ring for your girlfriend.

Quality silver jewelry items will be stamped to indicate the quality of the metal. The higher the quality of the silver, the more you can expect to pay for a skull ring.

Finer silver has a tendency to retain its shape and beauty over time. It's worth spending the money on quality silver if you want your girlfriend's new skull ring to last.

2. Evaluate the Overall Design

A skull is a very recognizable image, but there are many ways that artists can depict skulls to convey various emotions. You need to evaluate the overall design of a ring before deciding if it's right for your girlfriend.

Some women want their skull rings to have feminine accents, like flowers or delicate filigree. Other women prefer a simplistic design that incorporates gemstones.

Pay close attention to the type of jewelry that your girlfriend wears on a daily basis to get a sense of her personal style. This will allow you to choose a skull ring that she will find aesthetically appealing.

3. Make Sure the Ring Is Comfortable

A quality skull ring is something that your girlfriend may want to wear every day. In order to ensure that she will be able to proudly display the ring you select, you need to consider the comfort of each option.

The ideal ring will be one that has been manufactured with extra metal along the interior surface of the band. This extra metal creates a slightly domed profile, which makes the ring very comfortable to wear.

Your girlfriend will appreciate the time and effort it takes to pick out a comfortable ring. Make sure that you pay attention to both the profile of the ring's band and the width of the band before purchasing a skull ring.