If your primary pastime is either playing music or listening to music, you might enjoy buying clothing and accessories that relate to this interest. For example, a lot of music enthusiasts often wear shirts that feature bands, instruments, or other music-related content. It can be fun to add to this look by wearing jewelry that has a music design. Jewelry stores often have a variety of music-themed jewelry, so you can browse your options and decide whether you want earrings, a necklace, or another piece. Here are some ideas that you may enjoy buying to wear.

Treble Or Bass Clef

Few symbols are as synonymous with music as the treble and bass clef, which makes these symbols a good choice for music-themed jewelry. You'll find all sorts of pieces that display the treble and bass clef, including earrings, pendants, and more. For someone who is passionate about music, it may be fun to choose jewelry that features both of these symbols. For example, you might buy a pair of earrings in which a treble clef hangs from one ear and a bass clef hangs from another ear. If you're a musician, you might favor one clef over the other. A bass guitarist, for example, might want a bass clef pendant.


Jewelry stores often sell pieces of jewelry that feature musical notes, which can be another stylish option for a music enthusiast. Quarter notes and eighth notes have a look that is immediately recognizable, which makes these two types of notes common in jewelry. Dangler or stud earrings that feature these notes can be a fun way to show your love of music. For example, if you visit the symphony, you might enjoy wearing these earrings when you get dressed up. Another option is a bracelet with a variety of note-shaped charms.


The piano is a fixture in many different types of music, and many people play this instrument as a hobby. If you have a connection with the piano, look for a piece of jewelry that features a piano design. For example, you might find a pendant that is shaped like a concert grand piano or a thick ring that looks like a keyboard that wraps around your finger. Another option is a necklace pendant that displays a keyboard positioned vertically or horizontally. Browse a few jewelry store websites or visit a jewelry store in your area to see available options.