What is a diamond dealer? Why would you need one? If you want to get the most out of your diamond buying experience or jewelry collection experience, then learn what a diamond dealer is and why it's worth it to know a great one. 

What is a diamond dealer?

A diamond dealer is more than a dealer of diamonds and other precious stones, they're the go-between for buyers and jewelers. Custom jewelry makers, diamond collectors, jewelry investors, and other people rely on diamond dealers to get quality and real gems into their hands at a price they can afford. It's a diamond dealer that serves your local jeweler to allow them to have beautiful gemstones so jewelers can sell diamonds and other quality pieces to their customers.

What does a diamond dealer do?

A diamond dealer does more than collect gemstones and be the go-between for diamond retailers and customers, they make sure the diamonds and other gemstones that go into circulation are of good quality in the first place. A diamond dealer inspects the quality, cut, clarity, size, and other features of a diamond and does their research to ensure the diamonds they approve for jeweler use are authentic and appropriately priced.

Why care about a diamond dealer?

If you don't work with a diamond dealer before ensuring other deals, you may accidentally buy inauthentic pieces or pay too much for your quality diamonds. The work of a diamond dealer ensures that the pieces that hit circulation in jewelry stores and the private market are of great quality, properly marked, and authentic. You should always look into the background of any diamond pieces you buy to ensure they have gone through a knowledgeable diamond dealer first.

Can you buy directly from a diamond dealer?

A diamond dealer is the best resource for buying diamonds because the dealer will give you the wholesale rate for quality diamonds. However, you may have to be approved for certain criteria in order to benefit from the quality sales a diamond dealer can bring you because they primarily sell to jewelry stores and other businesses. If you are a jewelry maker or seller, then a diamond dealer is someone you should look into.

You can buy diamonds from the same diamond dealer for every purchase you make, or choose a few diamond dealers to work with to buy your diamonds and other gemstones. Choose the diamond dealer who is most qualified to meet your needs.

Contact a local diamond dealer to learn more.