Do you need a little extra cash and you are looking to sell off some of your silver jewelry? Do you just have a lot of jewelry you don't wear anymore so you'd rather turn it into something more useful — like money? You of course will want to try and get as much money as possible when reaching out to local silver buyers. To that end, here are some tips that might help you maximize the amount of money you'll get for your silver.

Know What You Have

If you want to get a fair offer on your silver, you need to know what exactly constitutes being fair. Do you know the level of quality of any gemstones contained in the jewelry? Do you know how much of the jewelry is actually silver or in other words, how "pure" it is? Try and organize your collection by its purity and condition so you can ask for more money for the pieces that you know will be worth it.

Get a Professional Appraisal

Do you have multiple pieces of silver jewelry that are especially pure? A piece of silver jewelry with an expensive gemstone in it? Consider getting a professional appraisal that you can then take with you to back you up when you go to sell it. A professional appraisal could be most needed if you are trying to sell to a private buyer.

Clean and Polish

If you are trying to sell your car to someone, you are going to wash it down first before sending over a picture, yes? You should clean and polish your silver jewelry so that it shines. This will make it more attractive and that could get you a better offer. A silver cleaning and polishing kit can be found at most jewelry stores or in the jewelry section at a large department store.

Silver Goes Up and Down

Silver is a commodity that goes up and down in price. If silver is down right now as far as the market is concerned, this might affect the price you can get for your jewelry. If things are especially bad, consider waiting until the market improves.

Remove Nostalgia From the Asking Price

While you want to make sure you get a fair offer, you also need to make sure you aren't asking for too much or you will not find a buyer. A common problem when people sell jewelry is that they have nostalgia for a certain piece and expect a better price. The silver buyer does not care about your memories, this is simply a business transaction. Avoid going down memory lane and keep your expectations reasonable.

To learn more, contact a silver buyer in your area such as The Coin and Jewelry Exchange.